Are You Planning
For Retirement?

There's more to planning for retirement than just the money aspect. Preparing for the best time of life is an exciting and fulfilling process.

Today, your retirement could very well be a full one-third of your life - 30+ years.

Retirement is the time of life where you choose to do what you like to do best. So, planning for this important time is essential.

Baby boomers have a unique opportunity. As always, we have reinvented each stage of life compared to previous generations. We want to do it our way.

Are you approaching your retirement years? Are you being forced into retirement because of downsizing? Or are you early in your career and want to really plan ahead? You've come to the right place.

I'm a baby boomer that found myself being forced to retire due to downsizing. So I had to do some quick retirement planning.

Here are some of the topics I will be covering on this website:

  • Lifestyle Planning
  • Income Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Early Retirement
  • Advice & Tips
  • Consultants & Specialists
  • Financial Planning & Investing
  • Resources - Checklists, Guides, Handbooks
  • Calculators/Worksheets
  • ... and much more

I am dedicated to bringing you essential information to help your planning for retirement - the best time of your life. Bookmark this site (CTRL+D) and visit often.

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Baby BoomersPlanning for RetirementBlog
The Baby Boomers Planning for Retirement Blog is my journal about planning for retirement for baby boomers. It...
Retirement Planning Articles - Guest Posts
Great retirement planning articles, contributed by visitors from around the world.
Global Financial Crisis
Has the Global Financial Crisis affected your retirement plans? That is the question the University of South Australia is asking retirees and near retirees across the globe in their latest survey.
Investing For Retirement
Investing for retirement requires that you be a good saver. You must set aside a portion of your earnings periodically. These funds should be invested in sound vehicles that grow your investments.
Retirement Lifestyle Planning - Things to Consider
Non-financial retirement planning is a critical part of our retirement lifestyle planning. Consider the following ...
Retirement Income - Build Multiple Streams Of Retirement Income
Build multiple streams of retirement income. Having only one source of income is foolish, and dangerous. Here are four ways to increase your income.
Retirement Income Planning is Essential
Proper retirement income planning will ensure that your retirement income will last for your entire lifetime. Today's challenge is...
Debt Elimination Without Bankruptcy
Debt elimination without bankruptcy is possible! Here is how you can eliminate debt and save your credit rating at the same time.
Bank On Yourself Review - Creating Wealth Without Risk
Bank on yourself and grow your wealth without risk! I love Bank On Yourself. It is a great financial tool that the wealthy use to grow their net worth without risk. It is the Infinite Banking Concept
Supplemental Retirement Income Fills the Gap
When essential lifestyle expenses exceed the total of all your income streams, supplemental retirement income is the answer to...
Retirement Transition
The retirement transition takes you from your productive working stage of life to the stage of doing what you want to do, when you want to do it...
Retirement Planning Tools
There are many retirement planning tools available to help you plan for retirement, but which ones...
Cheapest Places To Retire
Ideally, the cheapest places to retire have low property taxes, low income taxes, low sales taxes, and low cost of living.
Baby Boomers Retiring
What are the baby boomers retiring now looking for? To answer this question we need to...
Early Retirement Planning Is A Must
You need to do early retirement planning to start your retirement phase of life. Even if you work to normal retirement age, it is wise to...
Planning A Retirement Party
Here are some ideas for planning a retirement party that will make it enjoyable and memorable for all, but...
Retirement Planning Tips
Do you need retirement planning tips? Click here to see tips on various aspects of retirement planning.
Boomers Caring for Elderly Parents
Baby Boomers are finding themselves actively caring for elderly parents. People are living longer and need...
Estate Planning
Proper estate planning could provide income for you and preserve wealth...
Retirement Help Resources
Many retirement help resources are available to guide you through your retirement planning process. Click here for resources such as .....
Words of Wisdom for Retirement
The best words of wisdom for retirement come from those who have experienced it. Here is some great wisdom that...
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Senior Retirement Homes: Now Is The Best Time To Buy
Senior retirement homes are the most affordable they have ever been in recent history. Now is the time to buy!
Life Insurance Policy Exchange
If you own or have a life insurance policy, you may be able to exchange it for a premium free retained benfit, cash, income or a long term care benefit plan and use the value today.