Bank On Yourself ® And Grow Your Wealth Without Risk!

I love Bank On Yourself®. It is a great financial tool that the wealthy use to grow their net worth without risk. It is the self-financing option that banks don't want you to know about.

A short while ago, I heard an ad for this financial program. I was curious, so I had my wife purchase the book titled Bank On Yourself: The Life-Changing Secret to Protecting Your Financial Future® by Pamela Yellen. This book explained the concept of this powerful financial tool. I am astonished at the power of this concept. It truly is a way to grow your wealth without risk.

Before I get into what Bank On Yourself® is, I first want to point out a few facts you already know. If you are a baby boomer, you know what the financial markets have done to your financial net worth during your life time.

If you are like us, you have experienced the effects of the stock market fall from its peak. Remember when the DOW was 14,198 in 2007? Then what? It fell to a low of 7,033.62 taking a significant portion of your stock market investment. Perhaps it was as much as a 50% loss.

How has real estate been working out for you? Again, if you are like most baby boomers, you have lost perhaps 20% or more in the value of your home in the last few years. That is a good chunk of change that you were hoping to use in your retirement or old age.

It ought to make you angry. It does me! All you planned for is quickly stollen from you by the markets. The point is, we have been told we must incur significant risk in order to grow our wealth. There has got to be a better way to safely grow your retirement income and nest egg. There is! It is called Bank On Yourself®.

But before I tell you about it, let me first point out another way you lose money. Another great leak in your financial network is the money you spend on large purchases. Think of all the cars you have bought over the years.

That adds up to a sizable amount of money. Then think about the amount you have paid your bank or finance company in interest charges for those purchases.

Imagine how large your nest egg could be if you had been able to save all the money you spent on cars, college education for your kids, vacations, and things charged to your credit cards.

The Bank On Yourself® program makes it possible for you to grow your retirement nest egg safely, without risk. Here are a few benefits you can enjoy from using the self-financing option called Bank On Yourself®.

Benefits Of Bank On Yourself®?

Here are a few benefits you can enjoy from owning this financial plan.

  • Avoid stock and real estate market risks.
  • Have a strong financial plan that grows every year.
  • Have a predictable retirement income.
  • Self-finance your own major purchases and collect the interest you would have paid your bank.
  • Grow your wealth Tax-Free!
  • Use the money in your financial plan to pay for your children's or grand children's college education.
  • Live stress free!
  • Have a large death benefit!
  • Great way to save for retirement!
  • Have money to live the lifestyle you always dreamed about.
  • Earn potential dividends in addition to a 4% R.O.I.

What Is Bank On Yourself®?

You may be wondering what is Bank On Yourself®. Well, we have researched this self-financing option. I like to call it a perpetual cash machine. Your own ATM if you will.

My wife and I spent nearly two hours on the phone this morning with a representative of the Bank On Yourself®, going over just how this plan works.

The plan is based upon a special life insurance policy that is offered by just a few long established insurance companies. There are about 200 qualified life insurance representatives in the USA and Canada that can provide you with this type of plan.

Most likely your life insurance agent is not trained in how to create this custom financial plan. It is not taught in normal insurance classes.

The representative we talked to was in another state than the one we live in. The representative we were talking with, used GoTo Meeting® to provide a web conference where he showed us the plan and how it worked.

We were able to view his computer screen on our computer screen. It was easy!

Bank On Yourself® is a Whole Life Insurance policy with a special paid-up additions rider called a PUAR. It is the PUAR that makes it possible for your life insurance policy to have a cash value that you can borrow against, any time.

Unlike traditional whole life insurance, your cash value grows much faster in the B.O.Y. policy!

You can borrow against your policy once you have sufficient cash value for whatever you wish to purchase. Let's say you want to borrow $30,000 for a new car.

Instead of financing your car purchase through a bank or car dealer, and paying your bank thousands of dollars in interest, you can borrow the full amount from your B.O.Y. policy.

Use the cash to buy your new car. Now instead of paying back your bank, pay yourself by paying the loan, plus interest, back to your life insurance policy. This makes your cash value grow faster. In four more years or so, you can do it again!

Why would you ever want to lease or buy a car again any other way?

You can use this same concept to finance your kid's or grand kid's college education, take a vacation around the world, or invest the money in real estate or some other investments of your choosing.

Even if you didn't borrow money from your policy, your cash value still grows. You see the Bank On Yourself® policy also pays dividends in addition to the guaranteed 4% rate of return!

While not guaranteed, your policy dividends are your share of the profits of the life insurance company from which you buy your policy. Even during the depression these companies paid a dividend as they have the last 100 hundred years!

As long as the insurance companies earn a profit, they should pay you dividends on your policy!

Most life insurance companies do not pay dividends. Just a few companies do that the Bank On Yourself® uses.

The dividends are paid on the value of your death benefit. So, the larger the policy you buy, the more dividends you will earn!

The neat thing is, even if you borrow against the cash value of your life insurance policy, you still earn dividends! The reason is because the dividends are based upon the death benefit amount, not on how much cash value you have in the policy.

When you die, unlike a traditional whole life policy, the B.O.Y. policy not only pays you the scheduled death benefit, but also all of the cash value, minus any outstanding loans - TAX FREE!

What a great way to save for your retirement, and purchase a few cars along life's journey.

You can borrow against your policy and never have to pay it back!. You might want to do this when you reach retirement, to supplement your retirement income.

I would recommend paying all your loans back with interest, that you set yourself, in order to grow your retirement nest egg.

Where else can you find as safe an investment vehicle as the Bank On Yourself® Plan? For more information on the Bank On Yourself® self-financing option, I recommend buying the book Bank On Yourself: The Life-Changing Secret to Protecting Your Financial Future® by Pamela Yellen and see for yourself. It is available at Amazon Books.

I would also recommend the book Infinite Banking Concept By R. Nelson Nash if it is available. It is my understanding that R. Nelson Nash first spilled the beans about this powerful financial technique that Pamela Yellen developed into the Bank On Yourself® plan.

The wealthy have been using this technique for years. Now it is available to you and me.

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