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Seniors Choose to Share Medicals Bills With Strangers through New Program

by Tony Meggs, President of Christian Care Ministry
(Melbourne, FL)

Most of us have stared at our computers, and instead of responding to the latest work email, we have daydreamed about a life free from work and free from worry. As some 10,000 baby boomers will turn 65 today and every day for the next 20 years, many will enter their “retirement years” still consumed by work and worry.

With the current, depressed economy, many seniors will continue to work long past their 65th birthday to afford their lifestyles. Even if seniors opt for a more affordable lifestyle, one rising, unavoidable cost remains looming—the cost of healthcare. A group of seniors are turning to their faith to help them navigate aging and to help them pay for their healthcare costs. The group, members of Medi-Share Senior Assist, has chosen to share medical bills with seniors across the U.S. whom they have never met.

Medi-Share Senior Assist, a program of Christian Care Ministry,is a Christian-based sharing program specifically designed to assist seniors with their healthcare expenses not covered or only partially covered by Medicare. It is also a:

  • Community of seniors who encourage and pray for one another, and a

  • Team of professionals who help them age gracefully by living a healthy, biblical lifestyle.

Regardless of age, Medi-Share Senior Assist members contribute the low, monthly share of $101 to fund bills for their “neighbors”. The program is not insurance because there is no pooling of funds as practiced by insurance companies. Seniors share the medical costs directly with one another.

With the availability of programs like this, seniors can live by faith and use their long-saved resources to enjoy retirement. Wouldn’t life be better with a little less worry?

For more information about Medi-Share Senior Assist, visit www.mychristiancare.org.

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